What Are Stylistic Techniques?

Stylistic techniques are an “assortment of tools which will help [children] add variety and interest to their writing.”1 It gives students very practical guidelines to encourage their creativity of expression, while reinforcing elements of grammar. Here is an example of what a student is able to do with stylistic techniques. The writing sample below is Read More

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Parents Ask: Which is better? IEW or LTOW?

Many parents among homeschooling circles are familiar with the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) curriculum, which has been around for a number of years and has had great success among young writers. However, parents are less familiar with the Lost Tools of Writing (LTOW) curriculum because of its relatively recent publication. Below is a Read More


Why Take a Live Online Class?

Attend class from anywhere in the world! Save time and money on driving. Meet students from other parts of the world! Never miss a class! All classes are recorded. Scheduling flexibility: Students can travel in the middle of the school year without missing any instruction. Small class sizes (maximum of 10) for quality attention from Read More

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Don’t lose your Greek!

Are you a recent seminary or Bible college graduate? Did you spend a couple semesters (or more) studying Greek? If so, don’t lose it! We know all too well that it takes hundreds of hours to gain competency in an ancient language but only a very short amount of time to forget it all. Come Read More