College Writing Seminar

Class time: Not offered for 2018. Coming back Fall of 2019!
Tutor: Jessica Shao
Prerequisite: Familiarity with Lost Tools of Writing 1
Recommended Age: 15 and up

What is this course about? This course teaches students how to apply the skills learned from the Lost Tools of Writing to the various types of papers that are frequently required in university-level courses. Students will meet online for 90 minutes each week for discussion, review of written work, and feedback. Students will have the opportunity to work on their writing assignments from other classes in this seminar.

Types of Papers Covered:
Comparative Essay
Expository Essay
Narrative Essay
Book/Article Review
Persuasive Essay 
Reflection Essay
Timed Essay Response
Large research paper

What is a seminar? In a seminar, students present their weekly work to the class for discussion, feedback, and suggestions. The purpose is to provide mutual support and encouragement among the students. The instructor will guide the discussion and facilitate communication.